Undocumented Human Tour Embarks on Second Trip Around US

August 31, 2016 - Uncategorized
Undocumented Human Tour Embarks on Second Trip Around US


Last year, reported on the the Undocumented Human Tour, talking to Alma Sommer and Brian Stith about how they are raising their child Neo without governance. Now, the family is traveling around the U.S. once again, using cryptocurrencies for the voyage and even partnering up with the bus.


We chatted with Alma Sommer just as they were leaving Chino Valley, Arizona to attend the Rethinking Everything Conference in Alabama. Sommer gave our readers an update on how things are going during this year’s trip, and the family’s use of cryptocurrency along the way.

The family uses Dash, Litecoin, Peercoin, Bitcoin and barter to fund their trip across the states. While helping with the bus, the Undocumented Human family submitted a proposal to the Dash voting protocol for funding. Following a successful vote, they will introduce Dash as a sponsor of the next Jackalope Freedom Festival and re-brand the family Winnebago to the “Dash Mobile.”


Undocumented Human Family Meets up With the Bus & Submits a Dash Proposal (BC): Last time we spoke we discussed your child as being an undocumented human. How has the experience with Neo been so far — as far as keeping him undocumented is concerned?

Alma Sommer (AS): It’s going very well. There haven’t been any negative repercussions like some people warned. Of course, we haven’t left the USA arbitrary lines yet. People are talking about a caravan to Anarchapulco though.

BC: You have started your own bus trip and have met up with the Dash Across America Tour. Can you tell our readers what your trip entails and how you have crossed paths with the other tour?

AS: We traveled to Austin to help the Blush family retrofit their bus in time to bring it back to the fifth annual Jackalope Freedom Festival. We were successful at getting them close. Unfortunately, we didn’t caravan back with them. They had some major delays but were still able to make it to the festival in time.

While we were in Austin I created a proposal for the Dash Network to sponsor Jackalope. It passed, and part of the proposal includes re-branding our Winnebago to be the Dash Mobile. We leave tomorrow to head to the Rethinking Everything conference in Alabama Sept 1-5. We will meet back up with the bus then, and quite possibly caravan back to Austin. The details are still in the works.

BC: Your family is attending the Jackalope festival. Can you explain to our readers about this event?

14079968_10154476697638552_4927030224307654030_nJackalope is free to camp, vend, and attend. Next year will be the sixth annual festival. Speakers and performers come from all over to meet in a much more intimate setting for a week-long experience.

BC: Can you tell us about some of the experiences so far with using cryptocurrency on your voyage?

It is awesome. We have good luck with waitresses and waiters; they love non-taxed income. Also explaining to business owners that Bitcoin has been around since 2009 and one is valued at just under $600 is always fun. I rarely have a conversation without mentioning the federal reserve.

BC: What other counter-economic methods are you using?

Trade, barter, we are currently decentralizing our life. We plan to know and be part of many intentional communities or unintentional communities throughout the next few years.

BC: Has Neo enjoyed the trip?

He loves watching our videos and the Blush Family’s videos on YouTube. He can’t wait to meet back up with Stara and William. He clearly pronounces John and Cat’s names. This next experience will be full of other unschoolers and homeschoolers.

BC: What inspired you to start this voyage this year?

Cat, she has been an inspiration to me as an activist for many years. I wanted to see her family achieve their goals, sometimes achieving goals require more teammates.

Thank you, Alma for giving our readers some insight on your trip. We hope you finish the tour safely and have a great voyage with Neo!

Images courtesy of the Undocumented Human Tour.