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Mac Users Can Get Rid of Filecode Ransomware Without Paying Bitcoin Demand
  Thankfully, Filecode poses much less of a threat than first anticipated.   Macintosh users have been relatively safe from ransomware attacks so [...]
Microsoft to Begin Implementing “Cumulative” Patch Policy That Gives Users Less Flexibility
  Beginning in October, Microsoft will begin it’s new patch policy that will release new patches as rollup updates. This could put businesses and [...]
Why The Windows Secure Boot Hack Is a Good Thing
  If you even casually follow security news, you’re aware that the key governing Microsoft Secure Boot has been found, exploited, and Secure Boot as a [...]
Microsoft & IBM Weigh in on the Battle Between Private and Public Blockchains
As business giants and governments are moving to explore Blockchain, the distributed ledger system that is behind Bitcoin, Microsoft is to build a [...]