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Abra Hides KYC Requirements Until After Users Made A Deposit, User Claims
  One user found this out the hard way. After making a US$500 deposit, the company suddenly asks for a form of ID to verify his identity.   A lot [...]
Andreas Antonopoulos: Ignore the Drama, Bitcoin Is Stronger Than Ever
  “Mastering Bitcoin” author Andreas Antonopoulos was recently a guest on Trace Mayer’s Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast, where the two longtime Bitcoin [...]
Here’s Why India’s GBMiners Mining Pool Switched to Bitcoin Unlimited
  A few weeks ago, the relatively new India-based bitcoin mining pool GBMiners decided to switch their software from Bitcoin Core to Bitcoin [...]
As User Base Grows, Decentralized Bitcoin Exchange Bitsquare to Rebrand
  The decentralized bitcoin and altcoin exchange Bitsquare has decided that it must rebrand or face a costly legal battle. Launched last year, [...]
Monero Continues Upswing With Kraken’s Launch of XMR Trading
  Kraken, a global bitcoin exchange headquartered in San Francisco, announced the launch of Monero (XMR) trading, which effectively enables users to [...]
Bitcoin Magazine’s Top 6 News Stories of 2016
  Bitcoin, digital currency and blockchain technology experienced another explosive year in 2016. While bitcoin breached the all-time high in USD [...]
The European Union Wants to Identify Bitcoin Users
  The European Parliament and the Council of the European Union have proposed amending a directive on preventing money laundering and terrorist [...]
AlphaBay Comments on Bitcoin Congestion, Monero Adoption and Zcash Possibilities
  While Silk Road popularized the industry back in 2011, AlphaBay is the now the most widely used darknet market in existence. Usage statistics are [...]
3 Ways Yours May Allow Users to Monetize Their Content With Bitcoin
  Yours is an upcoming social media application that intends to bridge the gap between content and payments. The system uses bitcoin micropayments [...]
Symbiont’s Lisa Yin Brings “Deep Understanding” of Cryptography Techniques to Blockchain
  Symbiont, a blockchain company developing a smart contract platform for institutional applications of distributed ledger technology, has hired Dr. [...]