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Dark Web: Stolen Credit Card Details Going For £11 A Piece
  New data shows that on average, stolen Visa or MasterCard details cost just £11 ($15) to buy on the dark web with Bitcoin or other anonymous [...]
Bitcoin Donations Debut At Medical Marijuana Research Giant
  The US Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, hereinafter MAPS, has started accepting Bitcoin donations in a further boost for the [...]
Bitcoin Price Prone to Coming US-China Trade War, Legal Problems: Indian Astrologist
  While there are suggestions that the Bitcoin price could soar, the site which claims to be the “Numero Uno astrology website in India” has predicted [...]
DARPA Explores Blockchain for Cybersecurity and Other Defense Applications
  DARPA, the defense research organization is heavily invested in promoting the use of blockchain technology for military applications. Read [...]
Bitcoin Will Be Dominated By Western Nations, China Will Be Vassal Nation Again
  Akin Fernandez, a software engineer and owner of the Bitcoin startup Azteco, predicts that China will not enjoy the benefits of Bitcoin. He says: [...]
Bitcoin Price Roller Coaster: US Panics, China Shows Resilience
  Earlier this week, the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) invited Chinese Bitcoin exchanges to discuss Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies and the [...]
Bitcoin Price $2000 Is Just Starter, Unless Compromise is Reached
  As the price of Bitcoin is climbing slowly, a compromise may have to be reached in the face of the unfolding situation between a Donald Trump-led US [...]
Bitcoin Ban in Marijuana Industry Considered By Washington State Senate
  Ann Rivers, a Washington State senator, introduced a bill last week to ban the use of Bitcoin in purchasing or selling marijuana-related products. [...]
FinTech Investment in China Doubled in 2016, Declines in Europe, US
   Investment in Chinese FinTech continued at a pace in 2016 despite markets in other countries experiencing a slowdown in the sector. It’s reported [...]
Bitcoin Price Climbs Closer to $1000 As More Bitcoin Going US Way
  Higher Bitcoin trading volumes continue to go the way of the US even as the price of the digital currency picks up to over $966 at the time of [...]