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Bitfury Mines a Block Signaling UASF Mandatory Segwit Deployment
  Recently Bitcoin proponents who support Segregated Witness (Segwit) have been fervently discussing BIP 148, a User-Activated Soft Fork (UASF). On [...]
Antpool Points 75% Hashpower at BU, While Exchanges Confirm Listing a Split
  According to reports, the large mining pool Antpool which commands 16.6 percent of the global hashrate is currently switching it’s mining [...]
New Scaling Attempt UASF and Mining Alternative Bcoin Might Change The Game Altogether
  The topic of bitcoin scaling has become more intense these past few months for several reasons. Currently, it’s not certain what will come out the [...]
  Antpool is officially switching to Bitcoin Unlimited as mainstream media lead warnings of a potential Bitcoin hard fork. ANTPOOL’S WU JIHAN: ‘WE [...]
Guest Post: Chain Splits and Resolutions
  An often misunderstood topic is that of chain splits and how they are potentially resolved. With the recent proposal from Shaolinfry discussing User [...]
Chinese Miners Worried About a User-Activated Fork Propose Synthetic Fork
  This past week a new idea has been brought to the table concerning the block size debate. Over the past few months, Segregated Witness (Segwit), a [...]
The Latest Twist to the Block Size Debate Is Called a “UASF”
  Just when Bitcoin’s long-lasting scalability dispute appeared to have reached a deadlock, a pseudonymous mailing-list contributor may have presented [...]