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High Transaction Fees Remain Despite Lack of Network Congestion
  All of this goes to show the Bitcoin economy is rather unpredictable. Whether that is a good or bad thing, remains subject to debate for now.   [...]
Ethereum Issues Security Alert After Fork, Transactions May Be Reverted
  Following a consensus flaw in Geth, the lead developer for Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin has issued a high security alert based on an issue that was [...]
Has Ethereum Just Forked by Accident? Some Transactions May Disappear
  Today the Ethereum network has faced a malfunction, causing exchanges to stop running transactions with ETH. The network’s two main implementation [...]
Spamming Continues on Bitcoin Network, Delays Transactions
  Spamming on Bitcoin network fills up mempool with almost 40,000 unconfirmed transactions. Read more…   The Bitcoin network seems to be [...]
Op-Ed: China’s Mining Subsidies Create Tension With Free Trade Rules
  If the only tool you have is a hammer, it’s tempting to treat everything as a nail. Thus, most people in the technically-oriented Bitcoin [...]
Bitcoin Transactions and American Taxation: An Interview With Daniel Winters
  The rise of bitcoin and other forms of digital currency is fueling a wealth of questions about tax enforcement: what sort of tax treatment [...]
Why ViaBTC Rejects SegWit Soft Fork in Favor of Block Size Hard Fork: Interview With Haipo Yang
  Set to offer an effective block size limit increase, a transaction malleability fix and more, Segregated Witness (SegWit) could soon go live on the [...]
The Next Big Thing? RSK Smart Contract Sidechain Launches Developer Release, Integrated in Jaxx Wallet
  RSK Labs — better known as Rootstock — has announced the launch of the “Turmeric” release of its platform. Representing the beginning of the RSK [...]
Total Bitcoin Transaction Volume Surpassed US$100bn in September
  It is remarkable to see how far Bitcoin has come along compared to eight years ago. People seem to collect all kinds of statistics related to the [...]
Zcash Bug Prevents Private Transactions Soon After Launch
  Just after Zcash launched, the anonymous new digital currency that has taken the crypto world by storm, a bug was found that apparently prevents [...]