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Crypto Security in 2016: A Tale of Two Weaknesses
  Bill Shihara is the CEO and co-founder of cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex, and a former security engineer at Amazon, Blackberry and Microsoft. In [...]
Charity DAO – Suffering From The Same Mistakes As The Original DAO?
  Given the lack of trust in charity commissions to deliver the raised funds to the right people, such a concept could radically change the way we [...]
The Developers Behind The DAO Are Launching a New DAO
  The guys behind are at it again. The team that created the now-infamous ethereum-based funding vehicle known as The DAO have regrouped, and [...]
CoinAgenda Recap: Investors, Entrepreneurs Convene in Las Vegas
  This week at the CoinAgenda conference in Las Vegas, a group of leading cryptocurrency investors, experts, and entrepreneurs discussed ongoing [...]
Making Sense of Blockchain’s Summer of Stupid (On Perfect Illusions)
  Bitcoin. Blockchain. DLT. ‘Distributed concurrence’. Despite the increasingly deep divisions among vested interests in whatever it is [...]
Sorry Blockchain, Any Joe Schmoe Shouldn’t Be Able to Start a Bank
  #sorrynotsorry For years, tech startups sprung up on a daily basis, “revolutionizing” messaging, photo sharing, taxis, damn near [...]
Code is Law? Not Quite Yet
  Lukas Abegg is a lawyer with master’s degrees in Swiss and US law. He is currently a visiting researcher at the Humboldt University in Berlin, [...]
One Month After Ethereum Fork, Millions in DAO Funds Still Unclaimed
  It’s now been one month since a hard fork of the ethereum blockchain resulted in 11.6m ether being moved to an account with one function: [...]
How to Make Bitcoin Thefts Impossible
  The list of bitcoin thefts is far too long. Over the past, almost, eight years, we can roughly estimate $1 billion or more have been stolen. Each [...]
ETC Funds From The DAO Breach is On The Move
  To be more precise,a total of 3641694 ETC has been moved to a new address. This is a large amount, particularly when taking the current Ethereum [...]