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The Next Wave of Ethereum Applications is Almost Here
  While critics have long taken aim at ethereum for a lack of production projects, a new wave of decentralized applications (or ‘dapps’) [...]
Better Bitcoin Privacy, Scalability: Developers Making TumbleBit a Reality
  TumbleBit is probably one of the most promising technological advancements built on top of Bitcoin to date. Not only does it offer one of the best — [...]
Why the Netflix Model is the Future for Enterprise Blockchain
  Matthew Spoke is CEO and founder of enterprise blockchain startup Nuco, and a former team lead for Deloitte’s Rubix platform. In this opinion [...]
Scaling Revisited: What If Bitcoin’s Big ‘Problem’ is Its Great Strength?
  “Maybe it’s not as big a problem as we think it is.” That sentiment, summed up by bitcoin lending startup founder Shawn Owen, was [...]
Where’s Casper? Inside Ethereum’s Race to Reinvent its Blockchain
  If you’ve been following ethereum at all, you’re likely aware the blockchain project has a lot riding on something called ‘proof [...]
Fed Chair Yellen: Blockchain is an ‘Important Technology’
  Blockchain is an “important technology” given its potential impact on the global financial system, Federal Reserve chief Janet Yellen [...]
Bitcoin in 2016: The Year Politics Challenged Algorithmic, Apolitical Money
  Eric Lombrozo is a Bitcoin Core developer and CEO of Ciphrex, a software company developing tools and application development platforms for [...]
2016: The Year Zcash Entered Blockchain’s History Books
  Nolan Bauerle is a former researcher and writer for the Canadian Senate Banking Committee, and a member of CoinDesk’s research team. In this [...]
Ensuring Bitcoin Fungibility in 2017 (And Beyond)
  David Vorick is a Bitcoin Core developer, former IBM software developer and the co-founder of decentralized cloud storage platform Sia.  In this [...]
Is the Blockchain Rush a Search for Fool’s Gold?
  Over the past two years, there has been a fanatical rush towards the blockchain concept from legacy financial institutions and global corporations. [...]