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Security Vulnerabilities Could Let Hackers Access In-Flight Systems
  Cyber-hijacking an airplane and taking control of its flight capabilities is a recipe for a thrilling and scary action movie. You know what’s scary? [...]
GemOS: Automating the Healthcare Industry Using Blockchain
  On October 4, at the Distributed: Health conference in Nashville, Tennessee, Gem CEO and co-founder Micah Winkelspecht announced the deployment of [...]
Sztorc: Digital Cash and Prediction Markets Share Similar Histories
  Bloq Economist and Bitcoin Hivemind creator Paul Sztorc has been fascinated with prediction markets for many years, and he views these mechanisms [...]
Chain Joins Industry-Academia Blockchain Initiative to Solve Interoperability and Scalability Issues
  Chain Inc., a blockchain company specializing in enterprise software for financial firms, has joined the Initiative for Cryptocurrency and Contracts [...]
Are Irreversible Payment Systems More Cost Effective?
  Citi Research’s latest report points to bitcoin not enabling chargebacks as a possible limitation in it being more widely adopted; considering the [...]
Decentralized Web Initiative Aims to Reinvent Web With Peer-To-Peer And Blockchain Technology
  The first Decentralized Web Summit, a gathering of developers striving to make the web open, secure and free of censorship by distributing data, [...]
University of Calgary Systems Still Down After Paying Ransomware Fee
  Paying the fee associated with a ransomware should always be seen as a last resort. There is no guarantee the decryption keys will restore full [...]
IBM: Government and Blockchain Sector Should Work Together to Enhance National Security
IBM Vice President for Blockchain Technologies Jerry Cuomo recently testified before the Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity on how the [...]
Here’s What Bitcoin Offers That Private Wall Street Blockchains Won’t
A panel at a recent cryptocurrency event hosted by the Cato Institute discussed the differences between public blockchains (such as Bitcoin) and the [...]
An Energy Blockchain for European Prosumers
A Bitcoin-style virtual currency could save Europe’s power grids from reaching breaking point as more and more “prosumers” come on line, the European [...]