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Aborted ENS Launch Marks Latest Setback for Ethereum Apps
  Ethereum developers had to shutter a highly anticipated app last week when two critical bugs provoked security concerns shortly after launch. Armed [...]
Qtum Reveals “Go-Mobile” Strategy for Smart Contracts and IoT
  Smart contracts and decentralized applications (DAPPs) are coming to mobile phones, tablets and IoT appliances according to the Qtum Foundation, the [...] How to Let Everyone Win
  If you want to win at an online casino – become its co-owner. The emergence of the Blockchain technology and smart contracts actually made it [...]
PoS Promises Better Performance Than PoW in Blockchain-Enabled Smart Contracts
  Blockchain-enabled smart contracts that employ proof-of-stake validation for transactions promise significant performance advantages compared to [...]
Ethereum Spam Attacks Are Back – This Time on the Test Network
  Ethereum is under attack again. Following denial of service attacks on the ethereum network last year, which were stopped with a pair of forks in [...]
Smart Alarm DApp: Waking Up On Time Pays Off – in Bitcoin, a smart alarm clock DApp, powered by Syscoin’s smart contracts platform, challenges you to improve your wake-up routine and earn [...]
New Ethereum Proposal Aims to Supercharge Smart Contracts
  Newly released research shows that top-layer networks, usually trumpeted as the future of bitcoin and ethereum scaling, might actually be capable of [...]
Unanimous Vote Advances Blockchain Bill in Arizona Legislature
  Lawmakers in the lower chamber of Arizona’s legislature have unanimously advanced a bill that enshrine blockchain signatures and smart contracts [...]
Rebranding The DAO: The Contentious Blockchain Concept is Back
  It looks like we haven’t seen the last of leaderless blockchain-based companies. Despite the spectacular demise of The DAO, developers are [...]
3 Smart Contract Misconceptions
  Olivier Rikken is manager, public speaker and thought leader on digital disruption, blockchain and business process management at Axveco, a boutique [...]