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Tezos Receives Funding for Smart Contact System from Polychain Capital’s Digital Currency Fund
  Tezos, a network protocol specializing in secure, future-proof smart contract systems, has been given a share of Polychain Capital’s $10 million [...]
Vitalik Buterin, Other Experts to Talk Ethereum, DAO, Social Goods on EDCON 2017
  Many would agree that 2016 was the year of Ethereum, as the smart contract platform and its native token have experienced an incredible boom in the [...]
Arizona Bill Would Make Blockchain Smart Contracts ‘Legal’
  An Arizona legislator wants to amend state law to account for blockchain signatures and smart contracts, public records show. HB 2417, introduced on [...]
Inside MAST: The Little-Known Plan to Advance Bitcoin Smart Contracts
  Despite being the largest and longest-running blockchain, bitcoin isn’t exactly known for its programming features. In an age when new [...]
Why Poker, Dating Dapps Chose Ethereum
  Two new projects have joined the wagon for those banking on the Ethereum smart contract feature to bring their concept to their intended users. Of [...]
London Scene Roundup: Most Sexy ICOs, Blockchain-upon-Thames and Irishmen
  Our London Correspondent Nick Ayton’s London Roundup:  Blockchain major must-see events, today’s most sexy ICOs and Irishman discovering consensus. [...]
IoT, Smart Contracts Focus of Blockchain Expo London 2017
  London Correspondent Nick Ayton gives us a summary of Blockchain Expo London 2017, the two-day event at London’s Olympia Conference Centre. As a [...]
Creditbit to Become Ethereum Token in Bid to Beat Bitcoin at Speed
  Despite Bitcoin’s continuing strength, altcoin developers are still putting their case for alternatives this year – some are more compelling [...]
How Ethereum-based Uber of Time ChronoBank Could Boost Cryptocurrency Adoption
  Recently, ChronoBank announced that it has been working on LaborX exchange, a Blockchain-based initiative that is aiming to disrupt the short-term [...]
ZCash on Ethereum: Anonymity With Smart Contracts
  Ethereum was designed and developed to operate as the base protocol for smart contract settlements. It allows multiple parties to establish [...]