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3 Months Since SegWit Signalling Began, 54% of Miners Still Haven’t Voted
  SegWit, for example, requires roughly 95% network consensus. That number seems unrealistic right now, yet things may change in the future.   [...]
Bitcoin Upgrade Lumino Introduces a New Approach to Scalability
  Bitcoin’s block size debate may be getting a new option called Lumino. The proposed Bitcoin scaling solution will supposedly offer an upgrade to 100 [...]
Bitcoin Fork Soon? Bitcoin Unlimited Surges Past SegWit, Core Blocks Drop Below 75%
  Bitcoin Unlimited blocks mined have reached a new high, passing SegWit and indicating that a hard fork may be just around the corner. Of the last [...]
Number of SegWit nodes approaches 50%
  Two latest versions of Bitcoin Core, which include activation of the SegWit code, have gained the support of nearly 3,000 nodes out of the total [...]
Bitcoin Industry Colluded, Says Miner
  After almost two years of debate and seemingly nothing left to be said on the topic of bitcoin scalability, miners continue to not make a concrete [...]
Hivemind, Bloq Developer Paul Sztorc Discusses Bitcoin & Sidechains chatted with the Chief Scientist of prediction market protocol Hivemind. Paul Sztorc, who also works with the blockchain firm [...]
Complete Review on SegWit vs. Bitcoin Unlimited: Arguments and Clarity
  Over the past month, many Bitcoin exchanges, startups and experts weighed in on the debate between Segregated Witness (SegWit) and Bitcoin Unlimited [...]
  As the debate on segregated witness (SegWit) rolls on, Bitcoin Think editor Beautyon has hit out at critics of the technology, in particular, the [...]
Blockchain.Info Segwit Ready, Will Coinbase Follow Soon?
  The world’s most popular non-custodial bitcoin wallet platform with over 11 million wallets created to date is officially Segregated Witness [...]
Not Just Nerds: Blockchain Solutions Are Already For Everyone
The term “Blockchain startup” for many immediately conjures up images of money transfer, niche markets and complicated tech. In 2017, however, this [...]