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The Ultimate List of Resources For Researching and Launching ICOs
  William Mougayar is the author of “The Business Blockchain” and a board advisor to, and investor in, various blockchain projects and [...]
Blockchain Technology to Power Next-Generation Distributed Supercomputers
  Supercomputers are ultrahigh-performance machines that crunch numbers at dazzling speeds in order to advance research in aerospace, climate science, [...]
Bloq’s Paul Sztorc on the 4 Main Benefits of Sidechains
Most people in the Bitcoin community know Paul Sztorc for his work on the Truthcoin concept (now backed by Roger Ver and currently in development as [...]
Bitcoin Core Launches ‘Sponsorship Programme’ to Fund Development and More
The Bitcoin Core development team launched a “Sponsorship Programme” on Monday that intends to provide an easy access point for the Bitcoin industry to [...]