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Bitcoin Price Will Skyrocket If It Becomes World’s Reserve Currency by 2020
  The knee-jerk approach of governments around the world towards Bitcoin and Blockchain leave room for a lot of questions. The actions of the [...]
Dutch Tax Authority Clarifies: Bitcoin Mixing Will Not Be Banned, But Will Raise Suspicion
  As the Dutch proverb goes: “The soup is not eaten as hot as it is served.” Meaning: The threat is often not carried through as thoroughly as [...]
Considering Bitcoin An Asset Could Set Back Adoption in Israel
  The Israeli Tax Authority (ITA) recently published a draft clarifying its stance on digital currencies including bitcoin for the first time. [...]
Will Trump’s New Policies Boost U.S.–Mexico Bitcoin Remittances?
  Last week, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to build a wall along the U.S.–Mexico border as he had promised during his presidential [...]
Bank regulations change every 12 minutes
  Chris Skinner is Chair of the European networking forum: the Financial Services Club. He is best known as an independent commentator on Fintech [...]
Stricter Bitcoin Regulation, Ban on Mixers Recommended at Interpol, Europol Conference
  It appears the global fight against Bitcoin money laundering has turned up a notch. Last week, more than 400 financial investigators from money [...]
Will PBOC’s Intervention Help or Harm Bitcoin?
  Following complaints in a previous CCN article that PBOC was engaging in “secretive unilateral actions taken without any consultation nor any [...]
Needham: Banning Does Not Prevent Bitcoin Adoption
  Needham & Company LLC, released a note for investors Thursday on the ‘Economic and Financial Turmoil Driving Bitcoin Interest & Adoption’. [...]
NYDFS Fires Shots At OCC Over Fintech Regulation Charter
  Over the past few years, New York state has proven to take aggressive stances to financial technology.   The state of New York has a somewhat [...]
Russia’s blockchain leaders to discuss crypto regulation in Moscow
  The one-day conference “Regulation of cryptocurrencies in Russia: Intermediate results” will feature speakers from Microsoft and Sberbank. [...]