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Northern Trust: We Need to be Careful Regulating Blockchain
  A senior executive at one of the world’s largest international financial services company has spoken out and said that market authorities should [...]
Beijing City Regulator Calls For Blockchain Standards
  An official with Beijing’s municipal government is calling for the country to adopt a “standard” approach to blockchain [...]
‘Scam Free’ Gambling on Ethereum? Regulators Might Not Be Ready
  A world without gambling scams – that’s just the latest big idea being tested on the ethereum blockchain. While much of the news lately has [...]
A Winklevoss ETF Reboot? Analysts See Uphill Battle Ahead
  A decision by a major exchange to fight the SEC rejection of a proposed bitcoin ETF has little chance of success, according to analysts polled [...]
R3 Targets Regulators for Next Wave of DLT Expansion
  The world’s largest blockchain consortium is set to expand its membership to include a host of global regulators. The news, revealed in [...]
EU Cracks Down on Cryptocurrency But Fails to Regulate Traditional Banks
  European authorities have been steadfast towards regulating bitcoin because they believe digital currencies bolster money laundering and criminal [...]
Nevada Lawmaker Moves to Block Taxes on Blockchain Transactions
  A new bill filed in the Nevada Senate would, if passed, prevent local authorities from imposing fees or taxes on the use of a blockchain. Nevada [...]
Chinese Bitcoin Exchanges Suspected of Violating Laws: China’s Largest Newspaper
  The People’s Daily, an official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party and the biggest newspaper group in China, has warned of bitcoin’s risks, [...]
After ETF Rejection, What’s Next for Bitcoin On Wall Street?
  Days after the first bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) was roundly rejected by regulators, this much is certain: digital currency investors remain [...]
Canadian Officials: FinTech Collaboration Needed to Protect Consumers and Banks
  Canadian regulators and policy makers need to work together to ensure that the country maintains its FinTech development; however, it also needs to [...]