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US Regulatory Environment Hinders FinTech Growth
  U.S. FinTech investments in 2016 reached $4.27 billion illustrating that the financial technology sector in the country is continuing to grow at a [...]
NH Lawmakers Advance Proposed Bitcoin MSB Exemption
  Legislators in New Hampshire have advanced a bill aimed at carving out regulatory exceptions for certain bitcoin businesses, public records show. As [...]
Bank of Canada: Digital Currencies Need Regulation to Succeed
  Researchers from Canada’s central bank argue that private digital currencies like bitcoin won’t succeed in the long-term without some [...]
Will New Regulations Help or Hurt Bitcoin Startups in the Philippines?
  Luis Buenaventura is CTO of BloomSolutions, a Philippines-based remittance firm, and the author of the e-book “Reinventing Remittances with [...]
Why Blockchain Firms Shouldn’t Ignore New EU Cybersecurity Laws
  Jacek Czarnecki is an attorney at Warsaw-based law firm Wardynski & Partners, where he specializes in areas including FinTech, digital [...]
Arizona’s Proposed Blockchain Gun Tracking Ban Pushes Ahead
  An effort by Arizona lawmakers to prohibit the tracking of guns using blockchain technology has now progressed to the Senate. As CoinDesk reported [...]
Canadian Think Tank Proposes 3 Priorities for Blockchain Policy
  Non-profit think tank CD Howe has published new research in which it offers a possible roadmap for Canada’s policymakers as they consider ways [...]
Here Are Four Bitcoin Exchanges That Require Very Little Identity Verification
  Governments have been increasing their efforts to regulate and monitor digital currency operations. Many global exchanges now require identification [...]
Asia’s Fintech Race: Trends, Regulations, Lessons For The West
  Asian fintech companies continue their growth and overseas expansion. The Chinese fintech firm Ant Financials’ payment arm Alipay has recently [...]
Legislators: “Bitcoin has Broad Benefits for Hawaii”
  Democratic representatives Mark Nakashima and Chris Lee from Hawaii have sponsored a bill in hopes of creating a friendly environment for Bitcoin [...]