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Top Trends Pushing Bitcoin Towards The Mainstream
Like a pack of predators in the night, bitcoin is creeping up into mainstream use from multiple different angles. From the poorest in developing countries [...]
Bitcoin Ransomware Targets MongoDB Installations
  Over 2000 MongoDB installations targetted by Bitcoin ransomware. Hacker demands 0.2 BTC as ransom to return the data. Read more…   [...]
A State Prosecutor’s Office Paid $1,400 in a Bitcoin Ransom
  Ransom Paid in Bitcoin For the past five years or so, the Avalanche network has been involved in a comprehensive ransomware operation that has seen [...]
How to Protect Yourself From Ransomware
  The ransomware industry has exploded recently. Often, hackers demand bitcoin payments in order to restore computer systems. investigates [...]
Scammers in Australia Demand Bitcoin and Gift Cards from Facebook Users
  Facebook users in Australia are being tricked into handing over money as scammers use the social media site to demand bitcoin or iTunes gift cards [...]
2016 Big Year for Ransomware – 70% Pays in This $1 Billion Industry
  Up to this point, there have been two main reasons people decide to use bitcoin— either for censorship-resistant payments or as a store of value. [...]
Ukraine Mall Bomb Hoax: Blackmailer Demands 200 BTC Ransom to Stop
  Ukrainian mall receives bomb threat from an unknown person, demands $200 BTC ransom to stop sending further threats. Read more…   [...]
New Popcorn Time Ransomware Adopts Referral Marketing Strategy
  Popcorn Time ransomware offers victims a chance to claim the decryption key for free, if they infect two more users. Read more…   [...]
Twice As Many Ransomware Attacks Against The US Compared To Other Countries
  It is evident the United States have quite a few things to worry about. Their next President is getting all of the media attention, but malware [...]
  Beware of phishing attacks when in Las Vegas, according to a new study. Sin City has been found as the most likely place to catch Bitcoin ransomware [...]