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To Catch a Ransomer: How the FBI Chases Crime on the Blockchain
  FBI special agent Joseph Battaglia sits at a desk between a New York police detective and an employee of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Charged [...]
$35,000 Bitcoin Ransom Attack On St. Louis Public Library Falls Flat
  Ransomware authors may take a lesson from the current situation in the St. Louis Public Library system, which is currently on complete lockdown due [...]
Koolova Ransomware Decrypts Files If You Read 2 Cybersecurity Articles
  Ransomware is a kind of computer malware that disables users from accessing their PC or selected files in their systems until a certain amount of [...]
GoldenEye Ransomware Poses as a CV to Target HR Departments
  The new GoldenEye ransomware poses as a resume to infect computers belonging to HR departments. Read more…   James Bond, the fictional [...]
Four Major UK Hospitals Targeted In Malware Attack
  It is not the first time UK hospitals are targeted by cyber criminals.   Four different UK hospitals have been hit by a large-scale malware [...]
A Los Angeles Community College Paid $28,000 in Bitcoin to Ransomware Extortionists
  The Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) has confirmed a payment of $28,000 in bitcoin toward cybercriminals wielding ransomware. The Los [...]
Security Experts Warn About The Evolution of Ransomware In 2017
  One thing seems certain: it will become harder to detect this malicious software in the future.   One of the most popular trends in 2016 has [...]
Top Trends Pushing Bitcoin Towards The Mainstream
Like a pack of predators in the night, bitcoin is creeping up into mainstream use from multiple different angles. From the poorest in developing countries [...]
Bitcoin Ransomware Targets MongoDB Installations
  Over 2000 MongoDB installations targetted by Bitcoin ransomware. Hacker demands 0.2 BTC as ransom to return the data. Read more…   [...]
A State Prosecutor’s Office Paid $1,400 in a Bitcoin Ransom
  Ransom Paid in Bitcoin For the past five years or so, the Avalanche network has been involved in a comprehensive ransomware operation that has seen [...]