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Shakeup at R3 CEV blockchain consortium as banks leave
  R3 CEV launched with nine founding members in September 2015. Helmed by David Rutter, a former executive at interdealer broker Icap, the firm set [...]
South African Banks Trial Blockchain Solutions
  Blockchain technology proponents are staking claims in Africa, paying special attention to banks. Six African banking institutions are making sure [...]
R3 CEV Plans to Raise $200m for Blockchain Trials
The big question is whether or not R3 CEV can raise enough capital in the first place, although various consortium members have inquired as to how much [...]
David Rutter, CEO and founder of R3CEV, said his banking technology consortium will build some apps unilaterally and likely partner with fintech firms to deliver other solutions across areas like payments and smart contracts. R3 has employed a member-funded business approach, as opposed to being a venture capital-led startup, which has resulted in a completely […]
Dueling Blockchain Visions Face Off in Consensus 2016 Day Two Finale
The final panel on the last full day of Consensus 2016 featured a gentlemen’s dual of philosophies over the merits of public and private blockchains by two [...]
Entering The Post-Bitcoin Digital Economy
Having fallen out of favor in the circles of highly influential blockchain technology players, Bitcoin likely won’t see its widespread commercial adoption [...]