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Decentralized Exchange Bitsquare Aims to Fulfill the Dreams of the Cypherpunks
  This week chatted with Manfred Karrer, the founder of the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange Bitsquare. The platform Bitsquare [...]
Blockchain Tech Can Resolve Security Concerns with Internet of Things
  The vice president and digital head of Indian technology solutions firm Tech Mahindra has said that embracing the Internet of Things (IoT) doesn’t [...]
  Bitcoinist has compiled a list of ten VPN providers that will gladly offer you their services for your bitcoin.  WHY VPN? One of the primary reasons [...]
Encrypted Messaging “Unacceptable”: UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd
  British Home Secretary Amber Rudd has called companies using end-to-end encryption such as WhatsApp and Telegram “unacceptable.” Speaking in [...]
LEOcoin Wallet Illustrates Privacy Feature in Newly Released Screenshots
  The makers of LEOcoin have now released a series of screenshots of their new upgraded wallet; the privacy feature is also illustrated in one of [...]
Full Disclosure of Your Salary: Blockchain Remuneration Models
  All systems that preserve user privacy are alike; each system that violates user privacy does so in its own way. As more people earn income in [...]
Op Ed: A Closer Look Into DASH (Part 1)
  Digital Cash (DASH) is a proof of work digital currency with self-governance and self-funding capabilities through the use of masternodes (MNs). The [...]
Blockchain Panel Provides Personal Security Solutions In the Midst of FCC Privacy Protection Repeals
  The FCC voted to temporarily suspend government regulations protecting personal online data in 2-1 ruling on last week, the first major move of the [...]
Bitcoiners Beware – U.S. Customs Agents Are Coercing for Mobile Passwords
  Now bitcoiners have another topic to consider as Trump has beefed up U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) policies with agents searching the [...]
How the Hyped Lumino Whitepaper Details Protocol for Scaling Bitcoin
  Rootstock’s Chief Scientist, Sergio Demian Lerner, has been hinting about a new Bitcoin scaling solution called Lumino for over a month. Lumino’s [...]