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Ethereum Rises Stratospherically to New All-Time High
  Ethereum is mooning. The currency has risen above $40 in the past 24 hours, with its market cap nearing $4 billion, while overall trading volumes [...]
Low Fees, Flexible Network, Limits: Why Ethereum Price is Surging
  Ethereum price is surging and on March 13, it reached its all-time high market cap of $2.74 bln. Analysts are attributing the rising trend of [...]
Bitcoin Price Maintains Stability at $1225, Resilient Towards ETF Ruling
  On March 10, the US Securities and Exchange Commission officially disapproved the Winklevoss twins’ Bitcoin ETF COIN. Contrary to the predictions of [...]
Ethereum Has Doubled in Just a Few Days
  Ethereum continues to delight traders everywhere.  It has rallied from $15 to $30 per coin in just a matter of a couple days.  Regular readers knew [...]
Bitcoin Price Analysis: Filling The Gap, Post ETF
  Contrary to popular media, Bitcoin does not need an ETF to remain relevant or to succeed. An ETF brings a large liquidity pool of money to the [...]
Bitcoin Price Can Climb Far Above Clif High’s Estimate of $13,000: Factors & Trends
  Clif High’s estimation that three ounces of gold would be equal to a Bitcoin in price by this time next year remains a bizarre proposition that is [...]
Ethereum Surpasses All-Time High, Reaches $2 Billion Market Cap
  Ethereum has risen to new heights in the past 24 hours, reaching an all-time high of around $24. Up from around $16 in what appears to be a bull run [...]
Bitcoin Fell Hard Again after ETF Decision
  Bitcoin showed a very steep rise last night, rising over $100/coin in just a matter of minutes.  It was quite a shock to see, and undoubtedly [...]
Newsflash: Bitcoin Price Crashes Below $1,000 After ETF Rejection
  The aftermath of the SEC’s refusal to approve the Winklevoss bitcoin ETF has resulted in a predictable outcome for bitcoin trading markets. As news [...]
Bitcoin Price As Driver Of Adoption, X-Factor is Key to Ecosystem Growth
  Bitcoin’s market capitalization has exceeded $20 bln, and the daily volume of trade continues to rise. The cryptocurrency has reached an all-time [...]