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With Bitcoin, the Smart Money Is Staying Put
  The Bitcoin community is abuzz with talk of an impending fork, with wildly divergent opinions as to whether or not this is bearish or bullish for [...]
Ether Price Analysis: Prepare for the Resistance
  Altcoins like Ethereum are often thought as experiment labs for the possibilities of what changes could eventually be brought to Bitcoin. These [...]
Bitcoin Price Analysis: Preparing for Hard Fork Eventualities
  Currently, there is growing support to split Bitcoin into two different currencies via a hard fork: Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) and Bitcoin Core. BU [...]
Newsflash: Bitcoin Price Loses $200, Falls Under $950
  Bitcoin price has sunk to a 30-day low, losing over $200 in a 24-hour period to hit a low of $938.73 on the Bitstamp Price Index (BPI). The ongoing [...]
Ethereum Price Going Dash Way, Network Consolidates After Series of Setbacks
  March gets quite exciting for Ethereum seeing its breakthrough the $20 to $30 barrier. It the second most valuable digital currency by market cap [...]
Bitcoin Price Rise A Boom, Not A Bubble: Boombustology Author
  The author of a book about identifying bubbles has argued that the rise in Bitcoin price which has recently seen it overtake its previous all-time [...]
Ethereum Price Tear Almost Reached $60
  When Europe woke up this morning and checked eth’s price, they may have seen a small rise from $40 to $46, but America had a very eventful night. [...]
Ethereum Rises Stratospherically to New All-Time High
  Ethereum is mooning. The currency has risen above $40 in the past 24 hours, with its market cap nearing $4 billion, while overall trading volumes [...]
Low Fees, Flexible Network, Limits: Why Ethereum Price is Surging
  Ethereum price is surging and on March 13, it reached its all-time high market cap of $2.74 bln. Analysts are attributing the rising trend of [...]
Bitcoin Price Maintains Stability at $1225, Resilient Towards ETF Ruling
  On March 10, the US Securities and Exchange Commission officially disapproved the Winklevoss twins’ Bitcoin ETF COIN. Contrary to the predictions of [...]