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Coinbase Will No Longer Pay Network Transaction Fees For All On-chain Transfers
  However, every transaction between different Coinbase accounts will remain free of charge.   It is evident something has to be done about the [...]
New Spam Attacks Aim To Slow Down Bitcoin Network
  Spamming the network with transactions makes no sense whatsoever, though,   The bitcoin network has suffered from multiple attacks over the [...]
Yours Updates Reveal Many Ways to Earn Bitcoin
  Yours is a long-awaited social media platform that promises to pay users bitcoin for different types of content. Long hailed as a potential killer [...]
Ethereum to launch off-blockchain payment network in 2017
  The new Ethereum scaling solution Raiden is in many ways similar to the bitcoin’s Lightning Network off-chain micropayment processing system. Ameen [...]
Bitcoin’s Network Hash Rate Has Doubled Since October
  Bitcoin’s mining difficulty increased by 16.6 percent over the weekend, signaling that the network’s overall hash rate has also increased by a [...]
Bobby Lee Expresses Interest in Bitcoin Network Hard Fork
  The Bitcoin network is in dire need of a scaling solution and Bobby Lee urges the developer community to decide upon a network hard fork. Read [...]
Bitcoin Network Difficulty Level Goes up by 8.16%
  The Bitcoin network’s mining difficulty has increased by 8.13% earlier today. Thanks to the rapid expansion of cryptocurrency mining [...]
Spamming Continues on Bitcoin Network, Delays Transactions
  Spamming on Bitcoin network fills up mempool with almost 40,000 unconfirmed transactions. Read more…   The Bitcoin network seems to be [...]
Op Ed: Blockchain Education Network Hosts Month-Long Blockchain Accelerator
  The Blockchain Education Network (BEN) is finishing its 2016 fall initiative with a month-long blockchain accelerator to encourage students who have [...]
“Outgoing Transactions Aren’t Being Pushed to Bitcoin Network”, Says Coinbase Before Fix
  Coinbase users saw a frustrating Wednesday this week after outbound bitcoin transactions experienced delays while not registering on the blockchain. [...]