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UK Mainstream Media Begins to Offer Balanced Overview of “Mysterious” Bitcoin
  This past week, British news outlet The Independent have demonstrated that the mainstream media is beginning to offer balanced and fair coverage of [...]
Do You Believe in Blockchain Magic?
  Sebastien Meunier is a financial services advisor and startup mentor with 15 years of experience in business transformation and innovation in [...]
JAAK Announces META, Decentralized Network Backed by Ethereum and Swarm
  The use of Blockchain technology within the media and entertainment industry has been a hot topic. It has snowballed from a vague concept into full [...]
Italian Media Outlet Uses Outdated Facts to Discredit Bitcoin
  A recent report on one of the Italian media outlets tries to discredit Bitcoin by stating outdated information. Read more…   Bitcoin is a [...]
Blockchain to Disrupt Balance of Power in TV, Music and Film Industry
  Our London correspondent Nick Ayton investigates the music, television and film industry where the “fat cats” won’t be quite so happy [...]
I Want the Truth: Could Blockchain Stop Online News Distortion?
  “The shitpost is mightier than the thinkpiece.” That’s a quote a friend says he saw in the news once, though I can’t find [...]
Indian Mainstream Media Covers Bitcoin Actively Amid Gold Confiscation
  Indian mainstream media outlets, including The Times of India and India Today, have begun to extensively cover Bitcoin amid the ongoing crackdown on [...]
How Decentralized Blockchain-Powered Platforms Can Protect Artists Against Censorship
  Comedy sketch show World Peace has been canceled due to a pro-Trump slant. However, Blockchain-based decentralized media platform LBRY offered to [...]
Asian TV May Become the Next Industry To Embrace Bitcoin, Giving Viewers Control
  In the future, TV viewers could invest directly in the programs they want to watch – by buying Altcoins. Award winner and CEO of the European [...]
What Media Gets Wrong about the Digital Currency, Bitcoin
  The digital currency, Bitcoin may not be an ideal choice of investment says a financial magazine. Read more… The recent appreciation in [...]