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Zcash Nears $40 in Ongoing Price Decline
  The price of Zcash (ZEC) inched closer to $40 on 15th December, falling to as little as $40.08 during the session, according to data [...]
The Price of Bitcoin Has Stayed Above $760 for 7 Days
  Bitcoin (BTC) prices have been trading north of $760 for more than a week now, according to data from the CoinDesk USD Bitcoin Price Index (BPI). [...]
Markets Today: ‘I Should Have Bought More’
  The cry through the Bitcoin community today is: “I should have bought more.” Bitcoin is trading at its highest price since 2014. What a delightful [...]
Investors: Bitcoin is Safest Cryptocurrency on Today’s Market
  Bitcoin is truly building its reputation as the world’s global currency. Without major media coverage or market instability, the price of Bitcoin [...]
Markets Today: Augur, Maidsafe Remarkable, but Mooncoin Awe-Inspiring
  The cryptocurrency markets today evoked mixed feelings with four of the top ten falling in value. However, all in all, it wasn’t bad for the [...]
Distributed: Markets Event to Convene Blockchain Payments, FinServices Innovators in Atlanta
  In the midst of white hot global competition for blockchain innovation and investment, the capital of financial services and fintech innovation in [...]
Markets Today: Steemit Dislogdes NEM, ETC Back on Track
  The cryptocurrency markets keep growing with several captivating developments worthy of note. With important markets like Russia and Vietnam set to [...]
Germany Has Almost 600 Investigations Related To Darknet Markets Since 2015
  Germany has witnessed firsthand the repercussions of having an uncensored weapons market and now the federal police are vigilant as ever in the [...]
Why Stock Markets Love Blockchain
  The German central bank Deutsche Bundesbank and Deutsche Börse are working together on a Blockchain prototype which will allow for functionality for [...]
Ether Prices Plunge To 7-Month Low
  Source: Poloniex Ether (ETH) prices struck a seven-month low on 2nd December, extending the losses suffered earlier in the week. ETH fell to as [...]