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Malaysia Woos FinTech Devs for Shariah-Compliant Islamic Finance
  Malaysia’s proximity in the ASEAN region and its mix of urban, suburban and rural population makes it a suitable environment for testing and [...]
BLOKTEX Conference Comes to Malaysia to Empower Blockchain Community
  Comparing to the situation in other countries of the region, the Blockchain revolution is still viewed as something unwelcome in Malaysia. The [...]
Xhai Studios Integrates NEM Blockchain To Ditch Middlemen, Payment Processor
  The Blockchain platform NEM has closed a new integration with Malaysian Xhai Studios, which will use it to develop its video game platform services. [...]
Malaysia Focuses on FinTech, Gives Alibaba Founder Jack Ma Important Role
  e partnership between Ma and the Malaysian government will allow the nation’s e-commerce industry to grow exponentially towards the right direction. [...]
Advocacy Group Offers Blockchain Education, Technical Assistance Throughout Asia
  Blockchain Embassy Asia (BCE.Asia), a Malaysia-based non-profit, digitally-distributed organization that promotes blockchain governance as a method [...]
Migrant Workers Attract Remittance Startup Bitspark to Southeast Asia
  Hong Kong-based Bitspark Limited, a bitcoin remittance company, has announced a new partnership with Malaysian Vitaxel Group. Vitaxel Group, which [...]
Bitcoin Thrives in Malaysia
  Increasing financial corruption and a weakening currency pushes people to try alternative financial systems like Bitcoin. No wonder that Bitcoin is [...]
Bitcoin Picks Up in Malaysia as Ringgit Falls
  Bitcoin trade volumes have surged in Malaysia amid falling Ringgit and oil prices. Read more…   The deteriorating global economic [...]
BitSpark Brings Bitcoin Remittance Services to Malaysia
  It makes sense for both companies to venture into the Malaysian market, as there are plenty of opportunities to explore. Malaysia seems to be [...]
Malaysian Central Bank Focuses on Adapting FinTech Regulation
Malaysia is one of the most recent countries to look at its current regulatory guidelines and come up with changes to take part of the FinTech revolution. [...]