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Third Alphavend Bitcoin ATM Opens in London’s King’s Cross
  UK Bitcoin ATM provider Alphavend has unveiled its third machine nationally and second in central London. Located “strategically” on the busy Euston [...]
VC Co-Founder: Ireland and Germany to Battle for FinTech Lead Post-Brexit
  Ireland and Germany are set to compete with each other as they both attempt to take the top spot as Europe’s FinTech hub once the U.K. breaks away [...]
UK’s David Cameron Wants to Use Blockchain to ‘Fight Corruption’ in Governments
  The U.K.’s former Prime Minister David Cameron said on Monday that the blockchain can be used to fight government corruption and that he is [...]
London Scene Round Up: PutinCoin vs. TrumpCoin, Satoshi’s Pedicure & More
  Our London Correspondent Nick Ayton, the sage of Shoreditch summarizes another great few weeks in the fintech capital. ICOs remain the investment [...]
EU Laws Shape UK’s FinTech, Brexit May Set It Back, Says Digital Bank CEO
  The founder and CEO of Starling, a digital bank, has expressed her views stating that EU laws have helped to shape the U.K.’s FinTech sector, but [...]
JAAK Announces META, Decentralized Network Backed by Ethereum and Swarm
  The use of Blockchain technology within the media and entertainment industry has been a hot topic. It has snowballed from a vague concept into full [...]
UK Government Grants Permission to Issue Blockchain-Based Currency
  The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), a regulatory body of the UK government, granted local London-based Blockchain startup Tramonex a Small [...]
London Scene Roundup: Most Sexy ICOs, Blockchain-upon-Thames and Irishmen
  Our London Correspondent Nick Ayton’s London Roundup:  Blockchain major must-see events, today’s most sexy ICOs and Irishman discovering consensus. [...]
Bank Of England: ‘Tougher Regs’ For ‘World’s Leading Fintech Center’ London
  UK fintech businesses should prepare for a more “intense regulatory focus” in the future, the Bank of England has said sharing its vision of [...]
Can London-Brussels FinTech Bridge Save FinTech Startups From Leaving UK?
  Almost immediately after the announcement of Brexit, Bitcoin and Blockchain startups started thinking of leaving Britain to other Fintech hubs such [...]