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Bitcoin is Now Useless for Micropayments, But Solutions are Coming
  The Bitcoin blockchain is basically becoming useless for low-value, instant purchases. Frankly, if you’re ordering a beer at a bar, you’re better [...]
New 22 Petahash Mining Pool Signaling Bitcoin Unlimited
  A new mining facility and pool going by the name of ‘CANOE’ has joined the Bitcoin mining race this week, already claiming 0.7% of the total [...]
Blockchain.Info Segwit Ready, Will Coinbase Follow Soon?
  The world’s most popular non-custodial bitcoin wallet platform with over 11 million wallets created to date is officially Segregated Witness [...]
Bitcoin Observers Watch Segwit Signaling Begin on the Litecoin Network
  In the past, some have called Litecoin the “silver to Bitcoin’s gold.” Now many Bitcoin proponents are eagerly watching Litecoin as miners have just [...]
London Scene Roundup: Bitcoin’s Ups & Downs, Assange, Lightning Alpha, Satoshi, Blockchain Talents Scarce
  London takes it easy with Cointelegraph exclusives: Bitcoin’s price hike and then drop in January explained, the new bOObCoin launches in Essex, [...]
Bitcoin’s 8th Anniversary: Important Milestones
  Jan. 3 marks Bitcoin’s 8th anniversary since its introduction in 2009. Over the past 12 months, Bitcoin has reached some significant milestones, [...]
Understanding the Fee Market and Unconfirmed Transactions
  Getting to know how to work with bitcoin transactions can be tricky for those unfamiliar with the cryptocurrency space. These days the constantly [...]
Here’s How Bitcoin’s Lightning Network Could Fail
  The Lightning Network is viewed by many in the Bitcoin community as the network’s best hope for long-term scalability. The concept uses payment [...]
Understanding the Lightning Network, Part 2: Creating the Network
  The Lightning Network is the probably most highly anticipated technological innovation to be deployed on top of Bitcoin. The payment layer, first [...]
Blockchain Thunder Network Prototype Finally Launched
  The Thunder network adoption of Bitcoin Lightning network protocol has been officially launched by Blockchain. The alpha version is now available [...]