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Bitcoin Exchange Opereator Released on $75,000 Bond
  A second Tampa Bay man has been charged for conspiracy and operating an unlicensed money transmitting venture. Ricardo Hill, one of the nine men [...]
Blockchain and Coinify Partner to Offer Improved Bitcoin Wallet Funding Options
  Blockchain, a prominent bitcoin wallet service provider with over 50 percent in market share and nearly 10 million wallet users, secured a strategic [...]
Trump-Connected Billionaire Peter Thiel: Bitcoin Threatens Fiat, Tax Authorities Can’t Break Codes
  Over the past few years, Peter Thiel, a prominent venture capitalist with a net worth of $2.7 bln, spoke of the threat Bitcoin poses to fiat money [...]
IBM’s Next Step in Launching One of the World’s Largest Blockchain Implementations?
  IBM has announced a Blockchain project that would help banks address the need to prove the identity of a person or organization, source of funds, [...]
R3 Banks Trial Blockchain Identity Registry
  Ten global banks have tested a distributed ledger-based know-your-customer registry through the R3 blockchain consortium. BBVA, CIBC, ING, Intesa [...]
Moneygram CEO: “The More We Know About You, The Easier It Is to Send Money”
  Moneygram, a major money transfer company based in the US, recently attended the Money 20/20 conference to offer innovative insights on the growth [...]
Kyckr’s Rob Leslie on Blockchain and Regulatory Compliance
  Compliance efforts are a tall task for many financial services and other organizations worldwide. New regulatory requirements are leading to greater [...]
Blockchain Could Have Prevented The Wells Fargo Scam
  A major factor which played a part in the Wells Fargo scam was poor and non-transparent data management. Could implementation of the Blockchain have [...]
FGC on Security: We know our customers and our customers know us
  Common sense kicks in following the Bitfinex Hack   Those of us involved in the cryptocurrency space right now are all certified early adopters [...]
Chinese Court Awards Damages Against OKCoin, Says It Operates Illegally
  A Chinese civil court has awarded damages against the parent company of popular bitcoin exchange OKCoin, saying the business is improperly [...]