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Giga Watt CEO: “We Desperately Need Balance of Power in the Mining Space”
  Dave Carlson is a former Microsoft software engineer who discovered Bitcoin in 2010, a year after the system was launched by creator Satoshi [...]
The “Truthful and Verifiable” Beauty of the Blockchain: An Interview with Nuco’s Matthew Spoke
  In 2015, Matthew Spoke pitched the idea of blockchain technology to his employers at Deloitte. “Deloitte was sold it when we told them that the [...]
Fusing Blockchain and IoT: An Interview With Filament’s CEO
  For Allison Clift-Jennings, her interest in blockchain technology was fueled by some research she was engaged in around three disciplines that have [...]
Blockchain in Financial Services Today: Where Are We Heading?
  From Goldman Sachs to Visa to Accenture, major firms across the financial services landscape have invested in Bitcoin and blockchain startups. So [...]
ShapeShift Security Chief Michael Perklin: “2017 Will Be the Year of Blockchains”
  Digital currency trading company ShapeShift understands the increasing importance of offering secure services safe from the hacks that have plagued [...]
‘Only One Blockchain Matters’ an Interview With Bobby Lee
  This week BTC China CEO, Bobby Lee, posted a compelling Tweet and was not afraid to voice his view in full support of the Bitcoin Blockchain.   [...]
Botswana Blockchain Summit: An Interview with Alakanani Itireleng
  From 25-26 November, members of the global Bitcoin community will gather at the University of Botswana for the inaugural Botswana Blockchain Summit. [...]
Blockchain: Money Conference, Interview With Moe Levin
  On November 6-7 is holding our Blockchain: Money conference in London. Since we announced the event, we have revealed a multitude of [...]
Exclusive: Miners to Be Offered One Million Ether – Claims DAO’s Alleged “Attacker” in Interview
  Following the publication of an alleged statement claimed to be from the DAO attackerswho have appropriated 3.5 million Ether, an “intermediary” of [...]
An Interview with and the CEO
Bitcoin Press releases: An Interview with and the CEO Recently, we got a very good chance for an exclusive interview with Mr. Weicheng, GUO, CEO [...]