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Blockchain News Recap With Charlie Shrem: BlockShow Europe 2017 Special
  As we approach the highly anticipated BlockShow Europe 2017, Cointelegraph has met with Charlie Shrem, one of the twenty big-name speakers of the [...]
Op Ed: How the Blockchain Will Help Fix the Internet
  A couple weeks ago, AWS (Amazon Web Services) experienced a failure that impacted a large swath of popular services that we increasingly depend on [...]
Combining Technologies the Hybrid Way
  Internet of Coins is geared to being such an environment, and its development has been underway for some time now.   The blockchain and [...]
The Blockchain is Still Waiting for Its Web. Here’s a Blueprint
  William Mougayar is the author of “The Business Blockchain” and a board advisor to, and investor in, various blockchain projects and [...]
Spending Bitcoin in Russia Part Two: From Bitcoin Village to Buying Raketa
  Bitcoin is seriously considered a currency in major economies of the world, yet there is still a conservative reaction on some markets which is [...]
Bitcoin Without the Internet: Can It Happen and Is It Possible?
  A few weeks ago, LogRhythm which helps companies guard against cyber attacks and threats has released its seven predictions for 2017. According to [...] Releases the First Version of Whitepaper Showcasing the Future of Internet
  I Execute or is a French/Chinese company headquartered in Lyon, France with an office provided by Tsinghua University X-elerator.   [...]
The future is a decentralized internet
  Blockchain technology is quickly expanding beyond bitcoin. While many proponents of bitcoin see the blockchain as no more than competition for [...]
SLUSH 2016 Gems: Blockchain – The Holy Grail of FinTech
  Not so long ago people did not understand what the Internet was. Those who did not have an Internet strategy in the late 1990s were probably on the [...]
Central Bank of Nigeria: Blockchain Is Taking Over, Swim Or Sink!
  Concerned about the rapid encroachment of Blockchain into the country, Nigeria’s top bank chief has sounded the alarm for relevant agencies to begin [...]