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Blockchain Tech Can Resolve Security Concerns with Internet of Things
  The vice president and digital head of Indian technology solutions firm Tech Mahindra has said that embracing the Internet of Things (IoT) doesn’t [...]
IoT Meets NFC In Zerado’s New Blockchain Prototype
  While banks have been busy performing experiments with blockchain tech, London product consultancy firm Zerado has already built a prototype for an [...]
Bosch, Cisco, Gemalto and More: Tech Giants Team For Blockchain-IoT
  The Internet of Things (IoT) – the vast web of connected devices which is becoming a fundamental part of the technological infrastructure that [...]
Blockchain Verified Database for Securing Sensitive Items
  Visible Assets, Inc., a private Industrial and Defense Internet of Things company based in New Hampshire, has released a new systems’ product, [...]
Microsoft Unveils Project Manifest, A Plan For Blockchain Product Tracking
  Technology originally developed to help NASA communicate with deep space probes now lies at the heart of a new Microsoft blockchain project that [...]
BBVA Report Cites 7 Regulatory Challenges Facing Blockchain Technology
  Blockchain technology presents significant opportunities to record financial transactions, identities and various legal operations. However, the [...]
What IoT History Reveals About Blockchain’s Challenges
  Dave Hudson is the author of the blog. He is also the VP of software architecture at immutable ledger firm Peernova, and a long-time [...]
IOTA: A Cryptoplatform for the Internet of Things
  Tangle, a cryptocurrency developed for the Internet of Things, will allow companies to explore business-to-business models by making technological [...]
Abibas, Rebok, Samcung: How Blockchain, IoT Can Help Beat Counterfeiters
  Riddle&code, a Blockchain-based Internet of Things (IoT) platform provider, has entered into a strategic partnership with innogy Innovation Hub [...]
  On November 30th at the Blockchain Conference Chicago, a panel of industry experts cast predictions for what 2017 will hold for both Bitcoin and [...]