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American Black Cross Helps Political Prisoners With Bitcoin
  An organization called the American Black Cross is a recognized 501 (c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to helping U.S. political prisoners. The charitable [...]
China Snoops on Transactions as Great Firewall Shifts West
  China has stepped up controls over transactions in a bid to reduce capital outflow amid a waning yuan – yet bitcoin activity continues.   [...]
Free Ross-A-Thon Event Aims to Promote Freedom
  Ross Ulbricht has been continuously fighting for his freedom, and to appeal his life sentence he received for operating a website. Ulbricht and his [...]
New UN Chief Can Tackle World Problems by Promoting Bitcoin
  Colossal challenges await Antonio Guterres, the newly appointed United Nations Secretary-General. He must ensure the UN works toward eradicating [...]
The Death of ICANN: Is This Blockchain’s Chance for Internet Freedom?
  The context in which the Internet operates may dramatically change…or not.   The End of the ICANN Monopoly? At issue is who or what will [...]