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First FinTech Fund for Inclusion of the Underserved Raises $141 Million
  The first FinTech fund created to help the underserved has closed, reaching millions in capital contributions, which will go toward people and [...]
Bitcoin Fraud is Becoming Frequent, Says Indian Crime Branch Official
  Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency that has increasingly gained prominence in the mainstream as a transactional decentralized global currency and a store of [...]
Cashless Hooplah! How Indian Banks Want to Bleed Poorest of the Poor
  Indians are about to discover that using cash is expensive. According to reports in India’s Hindustan Times newspaper, leading private banks in the [...]
India Central Bank: Confidence in Bitcoin, Blockchain Can Only Come From Authority Endorsement
  Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Deputy Governor Rama Gandhi has implied confidence in virtual currency can only come about if authorities endorse it. In [...]
Indian Central Banker: Potential of Blockchain Currencies ‘Overstated’
  The potential of digital currencies like bitcoin is “being overstated”, a senior official for the Reserve Bank of India said in a speech [...]
Indian Bitcoin Companies Come Together to Self-Regulate Bitcoin
  A number of Indian Bitcoin companies have come together to form the Digital Asset and Blockchain Foundation of India (DABFI). Bitcoin has been [...]
Bitcoin or Blockchain Eliminating Cash a ‘Pipe Dream”: Senior Indian Central Bank Official
  The Indian central bank’s deputy governor says blockchain-based virtual currencies won’t be killing cash.   Blockchain technology, the [...]
India to Get Its Own Fintech Hub in Vizag
  A new fintech hub is taking shape in India. The Fintech Tower will house the likes of Thomson Reuters, Visa, and others. Read more…   [...]
Indian Bitcoin Startups Join to Launch Self-Regulatory Body
     The major players of the young but growing bitcoin industry in India have united to launch a self-regulatory body in the absence of official [...]
Indian FinTech Investments Decline in 2016
  A new report has found that India’s investments in FinTech dropped significantly in 2016 from 2015, indicating what impact a lack of mega-deals can [...]