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Busted Indian Students Used Bitcoin for Smuggling $100,000 of LSD from the US
  Indian police in the city of Mumbai (formerly Bombay) have seized LSD worth over $100,000 in a shipment to India from the United States with [...]
Fake News: Bitcoin is Illegal, Reports the Indian Press Erroneously
    A number of major Indian news media sources have reported that bitcoin has been deemed illegal by the Indian government. They’re wrong. In [...]
Indian Exchange Zebpay: Bitcoin is Legal; Refues Local Ponzi Reports
  Indian bitcoin exchange Zebpay has refuted recent media reports in the country that have supposedly claimed bitcoin has been declared ‘illegal’ by [...]
Bajaj Displays the Potential of Blockchain Technology to Revolutionize Indian Manufacturing Sector
  Bajaj Electricals and Yes Bank have implemented a blockchain-based vendor financing solution for real-time settlement. Read more…   In [...]
Blockchain Academy Partners Satoshi Centre to Boost Bitcoin Education in Botswana
  The South African-based Blockchain Academy is to collaborate with the Satoshi Centre to drive bitcoin and blockchain education in the African nation [...]
Indian Politician Labels Bitcoin a ‘Pyramid Ponzi Scheme’, Calls for Regulation
  An Indian politician has raised his concerns about the increasing use and adoption of bitcoin in the country with the Indian Parliament, questioning [...]
FinTech’s Influence in Asian Markets Grows
  Several Asian countries are experiencing a growing effect of the fintech revolution that has swept across economies as innovative solutions pave the [...]
Bitcoin Users at Risk in India, Reserve Bank Reluctant to Take Actions
  There has been a steady gain in interest in Bitcoin in India. India Today pegged the rise of the Bitcoin user base in India by 250 percent since the [...]
Lack of Regulations See Bitcoin Pyramid Schemes Rise in India
  As bitcoin gains awareness and adopters in India, bitcoin-based MLM (multi-level marketing) and pyramid schemes have predictably followed suit, [...]
Second Blockchain Academy Launched in Kerala, India
  Kerala is to become the second Indian state to get its own Blockchain academy in a joint scheme between the Indian Institute of Information [...]