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Identity and Aleppo Kick Off Money2020 Blockchain Discussion
  The human cost of financial exclusion was the central focus of Money2020’s first blockchain panel in 2016. Putting a focus on applications for [...]
Russia’s Largest Bank is Worried About Blockchain’s Dark Side
  After a flight through the air, my driver’s license bounces a few feet from our table, coming to a stop on the plush carpet of a Shanghai [...]
Credit Unions Turn to Blockchain Amid Increasing Competition
  A less-discussed type of financial entity, the credit union service organization (CUSO), has emerged as an unlikely – but significant – player in [...]
Here’s A First Look at Thomson Reuters’s New Ethereum Identity Tools
  Thomson Reuters has revealed it will soon launch an identity verification platform for ethereum smart contract developers. Conceived as part of the [...]
Blockchain-Based Smart Identity Will Free World of Paper ID’s
  A universally compatible Blockchain-based smart identity project by Deloitte has the potential to impact every aspect of our lives. In an era where [...]
Thomson Reuters Demos New Ethereum Blockchain Use Cases
  Microsoft wasn’t the only financial firm to voice its interest in ethereum today. At the software project’s annual developer conference, [...]
As Blockchain Identity Becomes Real, 2017 Will See An Explosion of Blockchain Profitability
  Blockchain identity is already in use in various sectors of data management and technological development. With its applications so far, can we say [...]
Identity protection suite WISeID 6 uses a blockchain for ID storage and validation
  WISeID is a personal security application for smartphones that gives users control over their personal information. “Only the user determines which [...]
Legal Identity for All: Can Bitcoin’s Blockchain Rise to the Challenge?
  The United Nations aims to make it possible for all people to have a legal identity, including birth registration. This is one of the targets under [...]
Australia Post Incubation Arm Explores Blockchain Technology for Identity
  Australia Post Accelerator has joined firms from across the globe that are experimenting with the blockchain technology which powers bitcoin. It is [...]