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East And West: What ICOs Can Learn From Qtum’s Successful Blitz Crowdsale
  A key factor that played an important role in Qtum’s ability to raise over $15 mln within five days of its initial coin offering is the startup’s [...]
Investment Firm Blockchain Capital is Launching a $10 Million ICO
  Industry VC fund Blockchain Capital plans to raise a new fund by creating a blockchain-based token and selling it to the general public. Blockchain [...] How to Let Everyone Win
  If you want to win at an online casino – become its co-owner. The emergence of the Blockchain technology and smart contracts actually made it [...]
London Scene Roundup: Japanese investors, ICO snapshots, Satoshi Moving Bitcoin Price
  Our London Correspondent Nick Ayton, aka the Sage of Shoreditch, reviews another exciting few weeks: the Japanese buying more Blockchain, ICO [...]
ICO, Explained
  1.What is an ICO? 2.Have there been many successful ICO’s? 3.How is ICO different from IPO? 4.What else are ICO crypto tokens good for? 5.What’s in [...]
Ethereum Funded Movie Progresses to Second Phase of ICO
  The Ethereum blockchain is moving forward into the film industry as the hybrid smart contract of the first ethereum-funded movie gives away free [...]
London Scene Round Up: PutinCoin vs. TrumpCoin, Satoshi’s Pedicure & More
  Our London Correspondent Nick Ayton, the sage of Shoreditch summarizes another great few weeks in the fintech capital. ICOs remain the investment [...]
Ethereum-Based Humaniq To Deliver Banking 4.0 to 2 Bln Unbanked
  Our London correspondent Nick Ayton caught up with Humaniq founder Alex Fork, who has an ambition to help eliminate poverty by delivering new [...]
Ethereum’s William Mougayar: ‘A successful ICO is not indicative of the success of the ICO’
  Author, investor and Ethereum advisor William Mougayar is a long-time champion of decentralisation.   You cannot challenge the conventional [...]
From CEF to Matchmaking: New ICOs For Ethereum-Backed Projects
  Take a look at some Ethereum-based projects that are going for the ICO soon. TaaS The first ever tokenized closed-end fund (CEF) will start its [...]