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China’s Stricter Capital Controls Target UnionPay Card Holders
  Chinese residents who value their financial freedom need to consider obtaining Bitcoin.   China’s capital controls are slowly getting out of [...]
Millions of Dollars Worth of ETC May Soon Be Dumped on the Market
  Ethereum Classic’s ability to gain a somewhat sizeable market share in terms of price and network hashrate has been surprising to many in the [...]
Vulture Capital Announces Benefits for VCAP Holders
  Vulture Capital, the company behind the VCAP crowdsale aimed at funding a feature film titled Listen Carefully, has announced a list of benefits [...]
The DAO Raises More Than $117 Million in World’s Largest Crowdfunding to Date
A new entity called The DAO, based on Ethereum, has raised more than $100 million since late April and will use the funds to support projects in the [...]