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This Hackathon Winner Can Help Pass On Your Bitcoins After You Die
  First place at the Distributed: Markets hackathon was taken this year by Tom Nguyen for his project, Dead Man’s Block. Named after the dead man’s [...]
  East London schoolboy, Ebenezer Odubanjo, presented VeeCee, an innovative online shopping platform for kids and young people, as part of the annual [...]
UAE Government to Sponsor $140k Blockchain Hackathon
  The government of the United Arab Emirates is sponsoring a virtual hackathon dedicated to blockchain, with $140,000 in prizes up for grabs. [...]
Deloitte becomes third gold sponsor of EtherCamp hackathon
  Deloitte joins the German Energy company RWE Innogy and WanXiang Blockchain Labs   Consultancy giant Deloitte is now a gold sponsor for the [...]
Developers Start Competing for $50K in Second EtherCamp Event
  Today, November 17, 2016, the second-annual EtherCamp hackathon begins. Developers and entrepreneurs around the world will go head-to-head in this [...]
Why the Blockchain Hackathon Economy is Booming
  Once a gateway for aspiring entrepreneurs, even blockchain enthusiasts with successful startups are benefitting from a new wave of hackathons and [...]
Ontario Securities Commission Hosts Fintech Hackathon
  The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) has announced it is hosting a regulatory hackathon for blockchain and fintech innovation. The event follows [...]
The Global Hackathon: A Decentralized Crowdfunding Model
  Virtual Accelerator concept EtherCamp plans to provide not only a decentralized method of competition, but fundraising as well. With its annual [...]
Ether.Сamp Launches 2016 Hackathon in Totally Different Dimension
  All is set at  to unfold the second edition of Hackathon however, this time, the venue is different. The first edition of the event was held around [...]
Russian Hackathon Will Bring Developers To Compete For Prizes, Open To Foreigners
  Fintech 2.0, a hackathon dedicated to the development of new technologies, including AI, for smart banking and financial sectors will take place in [...]