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Greece Now Turns To World Bank For An Additional Financial Bailout Loan
  Some people question how the government is handling the bailout money received years ago.   It appears Greece’s financial problems have only [...]
Can the Bitcoin Economy Help Greeks Hide Their Wealth?
Greece continues to suffer from economic turmoil as European lenders and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) struggle to impose austerity measures across [...]
  Bitcoin’s transaction volume for 2017 has increased 55% as optimism and dissatisfaction with fiat alternatives fuel investment and trading. [...]
Italy and Greece to Drive Bitcoin Price Further Upwards?
  The economic conditions in Italy and Greece may lead to increased demand for Bitcoin among investors and individuals. Read more…   The [...]
IMF Warns About Greece’s Explosive Debt Situation
  Financial instability in Greece may eventually drive more people towards alternative financial solution.   According to the IMF, Greece has a [...]
Economic Experts Feel Breakup Between Greece and EU Is Looming
  Anyone with a brain can see the principle of the European Union is not necessarily beneficial to most member states.   It is evident the [...]
10,000+ EU ATMs to Cash Out Bitcoin
  Wallet provider Holytransaction has a trade website and app that let you choose networks for either buying or selling bitcoin. The company has [...]
Greece Government Pushes New Regulation To End Cash
  Things only get worse, as the higher annual incomes will receive a higher tax allowance.   Several countries around the world are looking to [...]
Coinify Makes Buying Bitcoin Easier in Greece
  Coinify, the cryptocurrency payment solution’s partnership with Bcash now allows people to buy Bitcoin with cards. Read more…   [...]
Greece Receives Short-Term Debt Relief and Bitcoin Breaks through $770
  If you’re following the headlines, then it’s not tricky to see that even European leaders think Europe is on the brink of collapse! Greece will [...]