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What the New Congressional Caucus Could Mean for Bitcoin
  In a move that raised eyebrows among tech policy advocates, Reps. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) and David Schweikert (R-Ariz.) officially launched the [...]
Deep State Uses Encryption to Subvert Trump Administration
  The Trump administration has faced a series of embarrassing leaks from rogue officials encrypting their communications, leading allies in Congress [...]
Suddenly, Dubai Aims to Become First Blockchain-Powered City by 2020
  In October 2016, Smart Dubai Office, hereinafter SDO, a technology initiative developed by the UAE government and Startup Incubator and Seed Fund [...]
World Government Not Ready For Blockchain: Deloitte Report
  The latest report by accounts giant Deloitte suggests world governments are underprepared for disruptive technologies including Blockchain. In “Tech [...]
US Healtht Department Hackathon to Focus on Blockchain Applications
  First blockchain came to help fintech, but can it also solve problems associated with healthcare? A government-supported code-a-thon aims to find [...]
What Role Does Government Play in Blockchain Technology’s Future?
  As blockchain technology becomes more widely used, some researchers are recognizing that cooperation and collaboration among all stakeholders, [...]
Bitcoin in Egypt Is Treated Like Narcotic Drugs, But Enthusiasts Soldier On
  Egyptian Bitcoin enthusiast Ahmed Elmogy believes Bitcoin is doing well in his country and would do even better if not for the military regime’s [...]
IBM, Dubai Government Agencies and Enterprises Launch Blockchain Initiative
  IBM has announced a blockchain initiative with Dubai Customs and Dubai Trade, advancing Dubai’s government blockchain strategy. As part of the [...]
Bitcoin, Stop Apologizing for Victimless Crime
  Bitcoin is a freedom currency in a manner that isn’t obvious and which is virtually undiscussed. Bitcoin is commonly linked to victimless crime, but [...]
Bitcoin Price Starts to Influence Government Policies
  Bitcoin price has experienced a lot of movement since the turn of 2017 while at the same time, governments and central banks have become more vocal [...]