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Bitcoin Price Rally Shows It Has Become Truly Independent of Governments: Experts
  Recently there has been a number of global regulatory actions towards Bitcoin, governments have issued warnings, policies and legislation that could [...]
Bitcoin and Ethereum are Booming
  The digital currency space has reached new heights with a total market cap of more than $24 billion, an all-time high. The main driver appears to be [...]
Bitcoin price tops gold for the first time ever
  The price of a bitcoin has climbed above that of a troy ounce of gold for the first time on record after the cryptocurrency enjoyed a dramatic [...]
The Price of Bitcoin is Now Worth More Than One Ounce of Gold
  Bitcoin’s price has reached parity with the per-ounce spot price of gold, according to the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index (BPI). The per-ounce [...]
Foreign Currency Reserves of Venezuela Drop To US$10.5bn
  It is not surprising to find out Venezuelans are flocking to bitcoin as of late.   Most people are well aware the financial situation in [...]
Bitcoin and Gold Equal in Price As Venezuela Sell-Off Imminent
  Bitcoin became equal to gold Thursday as a future Venezuela sell-off may have influenced the precious metal’s 10 percent drop in value. Exchanges [...]
Bitcoin Just Surpassed Gold Parity
  Bitcoin has been on a bull run for much of this year, increasing from $920 to now stand at $1,239, surpassing gold parity by around $2 at the time [...]
Gold Bug Peter Schiff Calls Bitcoin ‘Digital Fool’s Gold’
  This week CNBC broadcast a debate between financial markets commentator Brian Kelly, and gold proponent and economist Peter Schiff on the show “Fast [...]
US Economy May Grind to a Halt As Debt Ceiling Deadline Draws Near
  Moreover, there will be no Obama Care to bail people out this time.   Every economy around the world still finds itself in a pickle. For some [...]
  How can we determine at what price point will Bitcoin match the total money supply value of global reserve currencies and the market cap of precious [...]