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Bitcoin Has Less Environmental Impact Than Fiat Currencies
The risks of environmental impact because of Bitcoin mining have been widely touted, but a recent report indicates that the actual damage from Bitcoin [...]
  A gold mine discovered in China’s Shandong province is reported to have a potential value of more than $22 billion USD or more than the entire [...]
Gold on the Blockchain: How Two Blockchain Startups Are Digitizing Gold Investments
  Digitizing traditional securities and physical assets has become a new area of interest for investment-focused fintech startups. Turning physical [...]
Physical Gold is No Longer A Hot Commodity, Opens Up Opportunities For Bitcoin
  As digital assets become more important to investors and traders, new opportunities are created.   Gold is often considered to be the go-to [...]
Smart contracts firm Symbiont first to trade gold on distributed ledgers
  Symbiont is working with Orebits, which digitises gold on smart certificates   Smart securities firm Symbiont and Orebits, a provider of [...]
Bitcoin, Gold and the Risks of Bum Comparisons
  One simple chart is creating a lot of buzz in markets. It shows that for the first time in history, one bitcoin is worth more than one troy ounce of [...]
Bitcoin Price Will Triple Gold in 2018, Silver Achieves Parity With Gold: Clif High
  Banks are going to get into big trouble later this year which is going to expose a gigantic derivative bust, silver has a good future ahead and [...]
Bitcoin Soars to a Record High
  How long can this rally last? After a peak in 2013, bitcoin fell 53 percent   Bitcoin jumped to a new high Friday, a day after soaring past the [...]
What’s the Big Deal About Bitcoin Above the Gold Price Anyway?
  As the Bitcoin price approached parity with the gold price, the significance of the price event elicited much debate in the Bitcoin Community. While [...]
What Bitcoin Lacks to Become Major Currency
  Over the past few months, the Bitcoin community has been debating about the purpose of the Bitcoin network. Is it supposed to serve its global [...]