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Xhai Studios Integrates NEM Blockchain To Ditch Middlemen, Payment Processor
  The Blockchain platform NEM has closed a new integration with Malaysian Xhai Studios, which will use it to develop its video game platform services. [...]
MetaGold: Why Ethereum is a Game Changer for Online Gaming
  Indie game development is believed to drive the future of games. There are many development teams that are taking the industry beyond what we have [...]
Roger Ver on Launch of Bitcoin Games Online Casino, a prominent information portal on everything related to Bitcoin, has recently launched its own online casino. Bitcoin Games is an [...]
Spells of Genesis Soft Launch Pairs Enhanced Gameplay With Advantages of Blockchain Tech
  The world of gaming is changing, with some games now integrating digital currencies into their platforms using the blockchain. One example is Spells [...]
Book of Orbs Wallet Promotes “True Ownership” of In-Game Assets on the Blockchain
  Trading card games and the digital world are becoming a huge market for game players searching for a place to legally trade their in-game assets — [...]
Powered by Blockchain, Ethereum Smart Contracts Kibo to Revolutionize Lottery Business
  Kibo Platform, an international decentralized lotto powered by Blockchain and Ethereum smart contracts, plans to hold an ICO. It starts on October [...]
BitRush Launches Bitcoin Gaming Tournament WaggaWagga
  Toronto based company, BitRush, on Thursday, 1 September 2016 launched a gaming tournament where the winners will be rewarded in Bitcoins. [...]
The 5 Greatest Moments in Bitcoin History
  Bitcoin is now seven and a half years old, or almost eight, depending on where you believe Bitcoin began – the concept’s fertilization [...]
Counterparty to Convert Card Game Players into Bitcoin Users
  Counterparty, the peer-to-peer platform built on the Bitcoin Blockchain, enters the non-Bitcoin world by teaming up with the physical card game [...]
How to Make Bitcoin Payments More Efficient in Online Gaming
  While video & online games are making first small steps towards Bitcoin, gambling is already there. Cointelegraph looks into why cryptocurrency [...]