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Global Finance is Similar to Human Cell, How Blockchain Changes Its Core
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Survey Shows Overwhelming Support for Blockchain Tech by Financial Services Executive Boards
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Blockchain-Friendly Congressman Faces Hearings for Trump Budget Role
  A blockchain-friendly member of Congress faced confirmation hearings on Capitol Hill yesterday in his bid to join the Trump administration. [...]
Why Financial Privacy Is About More Than Using Bitcoin to Buy Drugs on the Internet
  When a random person on the street in the United States is asked about bitcoin, he or she will usually respond that it is some sort of internet [...]
How finance is being taken over by tech
  Bank margins to be boosted by labour-saving automation but long term challenges loom   When the chairman of one of the world’s biggest banks [...]
Why 2017 Will Take Blockchain in South Korea to New Heights
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Will Bitcoin’s Resurgence Bring the Banks on Board?
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Smart Contract Issues Set Off ‘Alarm Bells’, Says US Regulator
  Two members of prominent US regulatory bodies took to the stage earlier this week to talk about the difficulties of overseeing the exploding [...]
Initial Coin Offerings: How To Distinguish Between Good, Bad and Ugly
  In recent weeks there has been a raft of activity in the increasingly popular ICO crypto-funding market, with a large number of successful Altcoin [...]
Chinese Investor Chandler Guo: World GDP Will be Based on BitcoIn
  Chinese investor Chandler Guo, who has invested in various bitcoin and Ethereum Classic startups including major bitcoin mining pool, stated [...]