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Bitcoin Has Less Environmental Impact Than Fiat Currencies
The risks of environmental impact because of Bitcoin mining have been widely touted, but a recent report indicates that the actual damage from Bitcoin [...]
Decentralized Exchange Bitsquare Aims to Fulfill the Dreams of the Cypherpunks
  This week chatted with Manfred Karrer, the founder of the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange Bitsquare. The platform Bitsquare [...]
Review: Encyclopedia of Physical Bitcoins and Crypto-Currencies
  At some point in the 7th Century BC, the measured round metallic objects we know and love as “coins” became our archetype for money. Fiat currency – [...]
Digital Currencies Need Government Intervention Says Bank of Canada
  The Bank of Canada has been heavily researching blockchain technology, Bitcoin, and the use of digital currencies. Just recently, a team of central [...]
Bitcoin Still behind Fiat Counterparts by Volume
  Bitcoin, despite an upward dash, was behind its fiat counterparts by volume.   Bitcoin is to end 2016 on a high note as it will probably finish [...]
Fintech Startup Billon Raises $2 Million to Tokenize Fiat into Digital Cash
  Billon, a former Polish based now London-headquartered start-up, has raised $2 million to “further investment in its UK and Polish partnerships,” [...]
Tesco Bank Gives £25 Handouts as ‘Gesture’ for Stolen Customer Funds
  UK bank Tesco Bank has suspended online payments after funds disappeared from 20 thousand accounts, while customers report being offered ‘goodwill [...]
WebMoney Offers Bitcoin Support to Fiat Purses
  The Russian payments solution company, WebMoney has announced Bitcoin support to its merchant purses. All Bitcoin payments to be automatically [...]
Smithsonian Museum Features Bitcoin in Historical Money Exhibit
  The Smithsonian Institute is currently showing its inaugural National Numismatic Collection “The Value of Money”, and Bitcoin is among the exhibits. [...]
It Is Time People Understood That Bitcoin Can be Better Than Fiat
  The developments in Bitcoin technology now allows the digital currency to offer users the same experience as conventional financial services. Read [...]