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Are Bitcoin Miners Making More Money Off Small Blocks?
  Nearly every block of transactions on the Bitcoin network has been full for the past couple of weeks, and miners are reaping the benefits of users [...]
IT Executive on Bitcoin Block Scaling
  As I read the Bitcoin news each day and see the price of bitcoin cycling up and down, I’ve been thinking about the different sides of the blockchain [...]
But, but… I thought Bitcoin was supposed to be cheap?
  Total transaction fees in bitcoin are on the ascent, challenging a key claim put forth by bitcoin acolytes in the early days: that the bitcoin [...]
Coinbase Will No Longer Pay Network Transaction Fees For All On-chain Transfers
  However, every transaction between different Coinbase accounts will remain free of charge.   It is evident something has to be done about the [...]
Low Fees, Flexible Network, Limits: Why Ethereum Price is Surging
  Ethereum price is surging and on March 13, it reached its all-time high market cap of $2.74 bln. Analysts are attributing the rising trend of [...]
Bitcoin’s Market Cap Percentage Continues To Shrink Due To Mounting Transaction Fees
  Moreover, people need to keep in mind not every altcoin is a bitcoin competitor.   No one can deny the cryptocurrency is thriving right now. [...]
Vays vs Ver: Two Very Different Bitcoin Visions Clash at Anarchapulco
  This week many bitcoiners attended the voluntaryism-based Anarchapulco conference in Acapulco, Mexico to discuss liberty and topics such as Bitcoin. [...]
Bitcoin’s Total Transaction Fees Have Grown By 50x In Recent Years
  It is evident the current situation can’t be maintained for much longer.   The average bitcoin transaction fee has risen steadily over [...]
Using PayPal Becomes Far More Expensive Than Before Come March 29
    When looking at all of the changes combined – which go into effect on March 29 – it is evident PayPal becomes a far less [...]
Bitcoin Trading in Chinese Yuan Drops to One-Third of Market in 30 Days
  China’s big three exchanges announced they would end zero fee trades and margin trading Tuesday due to increased scrutiny by the People’s Bank of [...]