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Lawyer Arrested in Attempt to Sell Confidential Complaint for Bitcoin
  A lawyer for a major US lobbying firm has been arrested and charged after trying to sell confidential information for bitcoin. According to court [...]
To Catch a Ransomer: How the FBI Chases Crime on the Blockchain
  FBI special agent Joseph Battaglia sits at a desk between a New York police detective and an employee of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Charged [...]
The FBI is Worried Criminals Might Use the Private Cryptocurrency Monero
  The privacy-focused digital currency monero has captured the attention of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which has expressed concerns [...]
Hacker Compromises Bitcoin Wallet KeepKey Founder’s Email, Demands 30 BTC Ransom
  KeepKey, a hardware bitcoin wallet, has advised customers that a hacker on December 25th got into the owner’s email account using the wallet’s [...]
How to Protect Yourself From Ransomware
  The ransomware industry has exploded recently. Often, hackers demand bitcoin payments in order to restore computer systems. investigates [...]
Why US Intelligence Experts Have Been Monitoring Bitcoin
  Hundreds of U.S. experts within defense and intelligence agencies are seeking to understand how virtual currencies like Bitcoin could undermine the [...]
FBI Obtained Over 8,000 IP Addresses In Hacking Operation
  In one of the most infamous mass hacking operations conducted by the U.S. Federal agency, the FBI, court documents had initially revealed that over [...]
FBI Releases Darknet Marketplace Primer
  The FBI released on November 1 a primer on darknet marketplaces, just one week after the Bureau wrapped up, along with other U.S. law enforcement, [...]
The FBI is Investigating a $1.3 Million Bitcoin Theft
  The FBI is investigating a report filed by an unnamed Bitfinex user alleging that funds were stolen from their account, CoinDesk has learned. [...]
‘No More Ransom’: A Summer Ransomware Project by Tech Security Giants
  Europol, the Dutch national police, McAfee, Intel Security and Kaspersky Labs have spent this past summer helping victims of ransomware. Calling [...]