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Experts Discuss Future Bitcoin Price Movement Expectations
  Eliminating margin trading is the most positive outcome for cryptocurrency as a whole.   The Bitcoin price has always been subject to a lot of [...]
Blockchain experts discuss fake news and reputation
  Cornell’s Emin Gün Sirer, Mihai Alisie of the AKASHA project and Steemit’s Dan Larimer weigh up the options   The question of how a [...]
Security Experts Warn About The Evolution of Ransomware In 2017
  One thing seems certain: it will become harder to detect this malicious software in the future.   One of the most popular trends in 2016 has [...]
Canadian Regulator Seeks Blockchain Experts for Fintech Panel
  The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) is on the hunt for representatives from the digital currency and blockchain industry for a new advisory [...]
Community Experts Voice Concerns Over Ether.Camp ICO
  The crowdsale has been subject to many different opinions. While the general attitude towards this project is positive, some community [...]
BitFiniti: Industry Meets Blockchain in Miami
  This October, a new kind of blockchain conference will debut in Florida. BitFiniti aims to take blockchain from “behind the veil” and showcase the [...]
Financial Experts See No Reason Why Bitcoin Adoption Will Not Happen
  Understanding Bitcoin and the blockchain is not necessarily required to use cryptocurrency. It is good to see people show a keen interest in the [...]
Florida Ruling Denying Bitcoin Is A Currency Draws Mixed Reactions
  Bitcoin experts gave different reactions to the Florida court ruling last week that bitcoin is not currency, according to CNBC, including the view [...]
Divided Views of Experts on Ethereum’s Successful Hard Fork
  The Ethereum network’s hard fork, which many believed was an operation of risk, was carried out smoothly.   SPONSORED ARTICLE: Tech Analysis [...]
Moving in the right direction: Experts and community on new Russian bitcoin bill
  The new cryptocurrency draft law from the Ministry of Finance is much welcomed by bitcoin experts and the community as a step away from bitcoin ban [...]