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Sweden Moves to Next Stage With Blockchain Land Registry
  A project set up last year by Sweden’s land registry authority, the Lantmäteriet, to trial blockchain technology for recording property deals has [...]
Altcoin-Fiat Trading Rises, BitPanda Adds Dash-Euro Trading
  European cryptocurrency exchange BitPanda recently added Dash-fiat trading pairs as altcoin buying options outside of acquiring Bitcoin first [...]
Dash Continues Expansion, Takes on European and Russian Markets
  Dash is continuing its international expansion plans, announcing its listing on BitPanda and offline Russian exchange MaRSe. Based in Europe, [...]
Blockchain News Recap With Marco Barulli: BlockShow Europe 2017 Special
  Blockshow Europe 2017 is right behind the corner. With over 500 attendees, 24 speakers and more than 20 exhibitors, it promises to be one of the [...]
Wien Energie is Gearing Up for a Large-Scale Blockchain Rollout
  Wien Energie, the largest energy supplier in Austria, is getting serious about blockchain as part of its developing business strategy. In interview [...]
‘Scam Free’ Gambling on Ethereum? Regulators Might Not Be Ready
  A world without gambling scams – that’s just the latest big idea being tested on the ethereum blockchain. While much of the news lately has [...]
Blockchain News Recap With Charlie Shrem: BlockShow Europe 2017 Special
  As we approach the highly anticipated BlockShow Europe 2017, Cointelegraph has met with Charlie Shrem, one of the twenty big-name speakers of the [...]
The EU is Now Targeting “Unpermissioned” Blockchains
  The EU has recently been very active in attempting to regulate digital currencies, including bitcoin. Last week, reported on the [...]
Polish Law Enforcement Investigating Bitcoin Exchange Shutdown
  Prosecutors in Łódź, Poland, have launched an investigation into the shutdown of Bitcurex, one the country’s oldest and largest bitcoin [...] How to Let Everyone Win
  If you want to win at an online casino – become its co-owner. The emergence of the Blockchain technology and smart contracts actually made it [...]