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Blockchain News Recap With Charlie Shrem: BlockShow Europe 2017 Special
  As we approach the highly anticipated BlockShow Europe 2017, Cointelegraph has met with Charlie Shrem, one of the twenty big-name speakers of the [...]
The EU is Now Targeting “Unpermissioned” Blockchains
  The EU has recently been very active in attempting to regulate digital currencies, including bitcoin. Last week, reported on the [...]
Polish Law Enforcement Investigating Bitcoin Exchange Shutdown
  Prosecutors in Łódź, Poland, have launched an investigation into the shutdown of Bitcurex, one the country’s oldest and largest bitcoin [...] How to Let Everyone Win
  If you want to win at an online casino – become its co-owner. The emergence of the Blockchain technology and smart contracts actually made it [...]
ETF Blues? Check These Alternative Exchange-Traded Bitcoin-Backed Instruments
  A Bitcoin trading frenzy ensued in the weeks and days leading into the Securities and Exchange Commission’s rejection of the Bitcoin ETF. Many [...]
EU Parliament Report Recognizes the Bitcoin Blockchain’s ‘Dominance’
  The European Parliament published an “in-depth analysis” on Tuesday on blockchain technology, focusing on “how Bitcoin’s dominance of the blockchain [...]
Why Blockchain Firms Shouldn’t Ignore New EU Cybersecurity Laws
  Jacek Czarnecki is an attorney at Warsaw-based law firm Wardynski & Partners, where he specializes in areas including FinTech, digital [...]
European Securities and Markets Authority Urges Caution With Blockchain Tech
  Distributed ledger technology (DLT) and blockchains have caught the attention of many sectors, particularly the finance industry, due to their [...]
Europe Lays Out Roadmap to Restrict Payments in Cash and Cryptocurrencies
  Cash and cryptocurrencies have been the target of the European Commission’s anti-money laundering efforts. Recently, the Commission published a [...]
Power to the People: Blockchain Replaces Government in Europe
  Until very recently, Blockchain has been mostly associated with Bitcoin – the digital currency built on top of it. Not trying to underestimate the [...]