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How Japan Prepares to Recognize Bitcoin as Method of Payment on April 1
  In February, reported that the first Japanese bill containing digital currencies, recognizing Bitcoin as a method of payment, was [...]
Survey: Europe’s Online Shoppers Are Wary of Digital Currencies
  European consumers are largely shunning digital currencies when making e-commerce payments, according to a recent survey commissioned by MasterCard. [...]
Why the European Union is Against Anonymous Digital Currencies
  In a recent announcement, the European Parliament (EU) released a new directive related to the anti-money laundering (AML) issue that focuses [...]
New Coin Center report: How lawmakers can protect consumers without harming digital currency innovation.
  This updated framework gives regulators the tools they need to develop sound policy around open blockchain networks like Bitcoin. Last weekend I [...]
China Is Developing its Own Digital Currency
  China’s central bank is going digital. After assembling a research team in 2014, the People’s Bank of China has done trial runs of its prototype [...]
How Specifically The EU & US Intend To Tax Your Bitcoin
For the EU and US, the Wild West days of bitcoin are over. 2017 will be the year of bitcoin regulation and taxation during which individuals need [...]
EU Lawmakers Propose to Ban Geo-Blocking of Digital Currency Users
  A European Parliament committee has proposed new measures that would prevent location-based discrimination against consumers in the economic bloc, [...]
“Local Pound”: Liverpool to Get Own Digital Currency by March 2017
  Colu, a Tel-Aviv-based Blockchain startup, partnered with Independent Liverpool to launch a digital currency for users in the UK. In 2013, Oliver [...]
Why Cities Will Soon Choose Digital Currency Over Fiat Money
  Pavel Bains is the CEO and co-founder of Bluzelle, a company providing a suite of blockchain-powered applications aimed to accelerate [...]
  One more nation, South Africa, is making the first step of migration to a fully digital economy, speaking about offering their own national digital [...]