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New Ethereum Blockchain Consortium Could Run on Experimental Tech
  An enterprise consortium is exploring the possibility of using blockchain-based governance technology to help its members vote on various measures. [...]
Rebranding The DAO: The Contentious Blockchain Concept is Back
  It looks like we haven’t seen the last of leaderless blockchain-based companies. Despite the spectacular demise of The DAO, developers are [...]
The Inventor of the Merkle Tree Wants DAOs to Rule the World
  The inventor of the cryptographic tool at the heart of all blockchain technology has spent the last decade or so working in the fields of quantum [...]
The DAO Shows Blockchain Can’t Code Away Social Problems
  Everyone loved The DAO. They couldn’t say enough about how it was going to change the future for the better. And now, after the code-based [...]
Can a New Social Operating System Fix The DAO?
An Ethereum startup led by a Harvard researcher and the founder of blockchain ridesharing startup La’Zooz will submit a proposal to fix perceived [...]
Researchers Plan ‘Unstoppable’ DAO to Help Whales Save Themselves
In an attempt to better understand the technical, legal and sociological impact of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) a group of researchers is [...]
‘Blockchain Revolution’ Comes to Wall Street at Nasdaq Event
The father and son authors of the new book “Blockchain Revolution” took to the stage this morning where Nasdaq opens and closes its market to [...]
The DAO: Or How A Leaderless Ethereum-Based Organization Raised $50 Million (Even Though No One Quite Knows What It Is)
A distributed organization with no single leader that could theoretically exist so long as there’s an Internet connection was launched last month, and has [...]